Spare components for driving and working hydraulics

In the search function you can search directly for your machine / machine type or the OEM type designation of the original part .... Alternatively, you can also use the manufacturer lists under the different machine types (left side).

We offer you new exchange units directly from the manufacturer for all common machines.

These are already preset on your device and after installation you can start immediately.

Of course, in addition to the quality of an immediate availability is an important criterion to keep your downtime and costs as low as possible. Therefore, we get all parts with the fastest possible delivery time.


In the event of a breakdown of your machine, it is important that you get an accurate overview of the damage and any consequential damage as fast as possible.

Therefore, we dismantle and diagnose your components already on the same day of the receiving and we can determine immediately afterwards together with you the most economical and fastest way of the repair or exchange.

Technical Support.

Of course, we will assist you after repair or replacement of your components with competent support during installation and recommissioning.

Assembly groups

You have expert personnel and dare to repair hydraulic pumps or hydraulic motors yourself ?!

In this case, we supply you with pre-assembled and already coordinated modules from all well-known manufacturers.

Spare parts

At Häussler Hydraulics GmbH we guarantee that we only use OEM original spare parts. Our parts lists are always up to date.


In order to carry out your repair as cost-effectively as possible we offer the optional rework of complex parts (if possible).

It is your choice!